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   +  12V Solar Energy Installations -

Surely Yurts wants to share our knowledge of 12 volt lighting with you. 

Surely Yurts can help design and implement a Photo-Voltaic system that will meet your lighting needs and exceed your expectations. 

  Some people tend to think that the Northeast is a bad location for investment in solar energy.  That notion is incorrect, we get more sun than Germany, and that country produces a significant amount of energy with photo-voltaic panels.   

  We have been succesfully using 12 volt solar lighting in our own homes and workshops since the technology became available.  


Surely Yurts installs solar panels, charge controllers, lights, switches, and batteries for bright and long lasting off-grid lighting. 


12 Volt Solar Lighting Package Available For All Yurts!

$650 Yurt Lighting Package Includes:

- Three 15 Watt Solar Panels (Tot: 45W output)

- Two Ceiling Lights

- Ceiling Pull Light Switch (Wood Trimmed)

- Charge Controller

- Deep Cycle Marine Battery (Interstate SRM-29)

& Custom Installation  





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