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-Yurt Options-







We are dedicated to designing and building top quality custom yurts and find joy in offering many useful yurt and off-grid related items.  From curved furniture, lofts, shelving, curved decks to awnings with rainwater catchment, solar power installations and off-grid plumbing solutions.  Ideally, we want to create an inspirational space with a comfortable flow and to build a strong and moveable shelter while using resources wisely and in a way that is conscious of the environment.  Some ways of maximizing space in a yurt are to use fitted curved furniture, countertops, and other custom curved design elements that are native to your surrounding locale.


Here is a short list of some available options. Please don't hesitate to share your inspiration with us; we create custom work tailored to fit your design goals!



Available Options - Call For additional Options & Pricing:


*Tall Walls - Standard wall 76" Tulip Poplar - Taller walls available

45 Watt Solar Panel Kit (fits all yurts) - $750

500W Solar Panel Kit - $ 2500

500W Yurt Mounted Wind Turbine - $2500

6' Gabled Yurt Entryway - $2750

Gabled Yurt Connection - $1350

30' Insulated Yurt Platform - $8500(Includes Labor & Mat.)

24' Insulated Yurt Platform - $5800(Includes Labor & Mat.)

20' Insulated Yurt Platform - $4500 (Includes Labor & Mat.)

14' Insulated Yurt Platform - $1800 (Includes Labor & Mat.)

10' Insulated Yurt Platform - $1250 (Includes Labor & Mat.)

Hardwood & Stone Counter Tops - From ~$400

Framed & Finished Lofts - From ~$1450

Tables, Benches, & Beds - From ~$350

Ask About: Shelving, Sinks, 12 V Pumps -

Ask about living roofs, timber frame, cordwood, straw bale, stone masonry, and more...

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