10' Walk-Through Yurt

10' Walk-through Yurt in Foreground linked to 20' Triad Yurt


10' Walk-through Yurt

- $4850 -


The name says it all.  Designed as an entry-way into the main yurt and can serve multiple fuctions including (Mudroom, House Woodstove, Shower House, etc...)


The addition of the walkthrough yurt can save alot of space and serve to keep your main yurt clean if you use it as a place to take off shoes, house your woodstove, or install a bathroom.


10' Walk-through yurt includes:  Free Yurt Delivery & Setup in North East!

 2- Tulip Poplar - Lattice Wall Sections
 1- 32" Door w/ Window (twin-wall Lexan) 
1 - 3/8" Steel Tension Cable
25 - Larch - Roof Rafters 
4/5-Lexan Skylights*

 0/1 - Optional Stovepipe Thimble*

18 oz. Vinyl Roof Cover (color options
Single Layer Wall Cover (color options

*Your choice same price 


10' Walkthrough Yurt being used as shower house between connected 20' Triad Yurts (features Gabled Breezeway)